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From So-So Gift To Awesome Discovery

(By Melissa)

Before my Father passed away, he bought a Food Saver System for us. I didn’t understand why and really thought it was a waste of money so didn’t use it for a while. I just kept using the freezer bags and then throwing away food when it got freezer burn. How smart is that?

I’ve finally come to my senses after a shopping spree at Sams Club. I bought all kinds of meat in bulk and separated it and put it away so I would have whatever I wanted when I needed it. I’d always wanted to do this, and knew it was a great idea, but actually doing it never happened. The trick I finally discovered accidentally was to have a plan and a system. Lucky for me, my Father, had the system all covered. I learned quickly that this little kitchen appliance was a gem and that I should’ve been using it all along!

It’s not the same as saving food in regular freezer bags. The frozen food saved this way stays fresher much longer and doesn’t get all freezer burned and shriveled up like it does in other types of containers or plastic bags. Using the Food Saver reduces waste and saves money. It’s as simple as that. That’s a big reason to use this system.

When using this system, I always know what meat and vegetables I have frozen so that when I start meal planning or grocery shopping, I’m ready to make my menu and won’t buy extras I don’t need. There are just so many reasons why this system is a great way to spend your hard earned $. Let me show you a few more.

Save $ on your grocery budget buying meat and vegetables in bulk and freezing them using the Food Saver System!

#1 Save $$$$!!!!

  • You won’t be going to the grocery store every time you need to cook a meal. You know when you’re trying to figure out what to cook for dinner and you decide, but then don’t have what you need to do it? You’ll go to the grocery store and spend $60-$100 when all you need is ground beef. This method eliminates the need to do that!
  • Buying anything in bulk is usually the most economical way to go.
  • Do you hate always running out of freezer bags? You won’t have to buy boxes of overly priced storage bags and then throw away your frozen food when it becomes freezer burned and tasteless.
  • Buy your bags pre-sized and sealed at one end or in rolls. I love the rolls because they can be cut the perfect size for your portions. You just have to seal two ends instead of one! You purchase them in bulk boxes with different size rolls, which saves you more money!

Save $ on your grocery budget buying meat and vegetables in bulk and freezing them using the Food Saver System!

# 2 Serve Your Family Healthy Meals Everyday

  • Since the prices are lower when buying large quantities, you can splurge on higher quality beef, chicken and pork, knowing you are serving your family quality meals.
  • You can also buy your vegetables in bulk and freeze them in properly proportioned sizes. Take them out as you need them to go with your perfect meals or use just the vegetables for Meatless Monday!
  • Even better, freeze the meat and vegetables together in one bag with the seasonings so you can throw it all in the Slow Cooker at one time and use only one bag!

Save $ on your grocery budget buying meat and vegetables in bulk and freezing them using the Food Saver System!

#3 Meal Planning Stress Is Reduced

  • You’ll always have some perfectly proportioned protein in the freezer to cook a meal with just the right amount of leftovers for lunch the next day. This is important if your family is not good about eating leftovers. But you always have the option of freezing any leftovers with the same system! Make double what you need and freeze the rest for a meal on another busy day!
  • There are more choices and you’ll not be limited to just one type of protein for your meals.
  • You will know that you are preparing quality and delicious meals for your family and that will make you very happy which relieves your stress.
  • If you are keeping your pantry stocked and storing properly prepared portions of meat in your freezer you won’t have to go to the store on your way home from work or soccer practice when you’re already in a hurry and have a million other things you need to do.

#4 It’s Going To Make You Look So Smart!

  • Having a delicious, nutritious and budget friendly meal ready everyday at Dinnertime is going to prove you are a the Domestic Diva you always knew you were!
  • Everyone will wonder how you do it!
  • Your family will forever know and refer to you as the “Best Cook”!
  • You will have the most organized freezer.

Tips and Tricks

  • Read and follow the Manufacturers Instructions to get the most out of your Food Saver.
  • Learn how and when to clean the pieces and parts so that the Food Saver will work correctly.
  • Read the Instructions! It’s worth saying again.
  • Buy your storage bags in the rolls in large quantities. It will save you lots of money in the long run.
  • Try to plan your meals ahead of time, before you go to the Grocery or Warehouse club. That way you will have an idea of what type of meats and vegetables you will need to purchase.

So, now that I’ve shared all of this with you, what’s stopping you from getting one? Still have questions, leave a comment!

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Save $ on your grocery budget buying meat and vegetables in bulk and freezing them using the Food Saver System!