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Want to have a monthly girls night out activity that is really fun? Bunco is the answer!

Over the years, I’ve been a member of two bunco groups and have been a founding member of each. These groups usually stay together for years and everyone looks forward to bunco night each month. The group I am in now has a secret Facebook group where we plan our party each month and figure out all the details. This is also where the hostess provides us with her “theme” of the month and any other pertinent information. Our themes range from Tea Party to Mardi Gras and anywhere in between. A theme is optional, but is a fun addition to the night.

How to get started

  • First you will need a bunco kit, unless you just want to go “old school” and make one yourself. You can find them online at your favorite shopping place or at a big box store. You will find the best selection and price ranges online. Check out my Amazon picks below.
    (If you have more than 12 players you will need 2 kits or just 3 extra dice. The sets usually come with the rules and instructions on how to play along with score sheets. I bet there’s at least one person in your group that has played before or knows someone who has so you can get the low down from them. Or me, just send me an email or comment at the end of the post!!)
  •  Tables and chairs, each seating 4  (12 people need 3 tables)
  • Food and drinks. Your group should decide how you want to handle this. Some just like to bring their own drinks or wine. Sometimes the hostess makes a   “special punch”.  A good low-calorie option is to use sparking water or club soda, add some sliced cucumber, lime juice and fresh mint and you have “Spa Water”.  Feel free to add the spirit of your choice and you have “Spiked Spa Water”.  The skies the limit, you’ve got to make this party your own!

How much does it cost?

Our group has all players bring $10 and then we end up dividing the money up for the highest points, the most bunco’s, the highest number of games won and the highest number of games lost. Yeah, even the losers win here!

This is totally up to your group. You can play just for fun, for prizes or have everyone contribute a certain amount of money and then the money gets divided up with the winners at the end. Another group I used to play with would give all the money to the hostess each month prior to the party and she would go out and purchase prizes. It was fun doing that and many times you’d end up getting something you loved but would never have bought for yourself!

How do you play bunco?

Very simply, although at first it may seem confusing. I recommend you use the rules included with your game if you don’t have a group member that is familiar with the way the game is played. Usually groups end up adopting their own “rules” and preferences with time. Let’s start with the basics.

  • Each table of four, has two teams. The people on the “teams” score their rolls exactly the same. At the end of the round they should both have the same number of points. The first person rolls and is looking for one’s. (Round one is ones, round two is two’s, round three, three’s-you get the picture) If they get one or more 1’s, then they roll again and keep rolling until they don’t get anymore ones. Simple.
  • When one of the two teams at table one reach the magic number of 21, they ring the bell and the round ends for everyone at all the tables.
  • Scores are counted and documented on the score sheets-You will get one point for each time you roll the number of the round you are on. Example: If you are on round one and roll 2 “1’s” and a 3, you get two points. Now if you get 3 “1’s” that’s GREAT! You’ve rolled a BUNCO and you get 21 points!

If you have someone in your group who’s played before it will really help with getting a new group started. If not, just take it easy and learn a little bit each time. The main thing is to have fun!

One of my upcoming posts will have more in depth information and also some great recipes to share with your bunco friends, so stayed tuned!

If you have questions please post a comment below.

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