How to make your own one of kind Spring/Summer Wreath!

DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial

I love making wreaths for the different seasons and really don’t do it often enough. But let’s face it, wreaths are not cheap. It costs some cash to make a nice wreath and even more to buy one that’s custom made.

Making my own saves a bit of money and also feeds my creative side, giving me a sense of accomplishment.This DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial is the place for you to be if you want to learn how to make your own one of a kind wreath for the Spring and Summer season this year.

While this is a tutorial showing you how I made my spring wreath, it’s also more than that. It will show you how to make your own design, your very own one of a kind wreath.

You can recreate this one if you’d like and I’d be very flattered if you did, but the fact is, you might prefer different colors and a different style. Just because this particular wreath is not your style, doesn’t mean this post can’t help you to make your own in your personal style. You just need some supplies and an open mind.

My hope is that this will inspire you to create and express yourself in your design.




The Supplies I Used

My process starts the same every time. I decide I’m going to do something then head out to the store (Hobby Lobby usually) to see what I can come up with. This time I knew I wanted to make a wreath in a different way than I have in the past. No grapevine for me this time. I wanted to start from scratch. So this is what I bought.

  • A large wire wreath (you can use any size wreath in any material-grapevine, metal, straw, Styrofoam, whatever!!-it’s your wreath)
  • Moss in sheets that could be cut to fit (Options to cover your wreath include ribbon, mesh, Ivy vines, Large flowers, Burlap, Fabric-Whatever you want!)
  • Artificial flowers and greenery (I used flowers made from paper for this wreath but you can use whatever your heart desires. (Remember this will be YOUR wreath, YOUR own creation!)
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun-You’ve pretty much got to have this or at least a good craft glue. They are super inexpensive and you will use it again and again in your future crafting.
  • Floral Wire-Not totally required but makes adding bows and hangers a lot easier
  • Ribbon if you want a bow added

Can you see how using your own style and choice of materials will make your own unique one of a kind wreath. Just like you, there will not be another exactly like it anywhere! Don’t you just love that idea!!???

The Process

As you are making your own creation, this is the time when you will prepare the “wreath” base. It’s the time to cover it and get it ready for the add-ons that will make it uniquely yours. You can use ribbon, fabric or any other type of material that will provide a good background for your flowers and greenery.

I started with covering my wreath with moss. It was simple. But it took a little time, patience and a very hot glue gun. Be careful, the hot glue burns when it gets on your fingers!

The first thing I did was to measure the width of the wreath so I could cut the moss just a little bit wider. My plan was to wrap the moss around the edges so that the front of the wreath had a finished look. The back does not have to be totally covered just wrapped around enough on the sides so that when it’s hung all you see is the moss and not any wire.


DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial -

DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial - DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial -

This is what the moss looks like as it’s glued on. I only used glue on the center since I knew I would be wrapping it around the edges later.

DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial -

DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial -


DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial -

After the moss was glued all around the wreath, I turned it and got to work on the back.

I stretched, tucked and glued the moss around the wreath. This is what I ended up with.

DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial -

Obviously, it needed some layers and dimension. I couldn’t hang a ring of grass on my front door, now could I? I started by cutting apart all the stems of flowers and greenery, so I had many separate flowers and small stems to play with. I also cut the fern apart to use as a filler once I got my flowers in place.

DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial -

DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial -

DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial -

I arranged the biggest flowers around the wreath to see how I liked them before I started gluing. Then I glued them on where I wanted them, filling in with moss and random flowers. I was really careful about the placement of the flowers and the filler so that both sides looked the same when it was hung.

DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial -


After all the flowers were glued on, it was time to make a bow using ribbon and the floral wire.  I also added a hanger to the back using the floral wire. I love it! It’s so different than any other wreath I’ve ever made and it was so much fun to do. And it was made in less than 2 hours!!

Now, are you ready to make yours?

Leave me a comment and let me know how you did! And don’t forget to have fun!!

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DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial - Learn to make your own one of a kind Spring/Summer wreath for the new season! It's so easy to create exactly what you want!

Happy Spring Y’all!