Meal Planning Made Easy In 3 Simple Steps!

People all around the world strive to be good parents, wives, husbands, providers and homemakers on a daily basis. This is a hard job. We fail, we succeed, we cry and laugh. There’s probably not as much laughing as crying if you’re like me. But, what we all need is a way to provide healthy, wholesome meals for our families ready and on the table in time for dinner each night.  Meal Planning Made Easy With These 3 Simple Steps will help you get a handle on this all too often dreaded chore that we all face. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen by itself and there’s no magic wand to wave or robot we can program to do it for us. But, meal planning doesn’t have to be so hard. 3 Easy Steps To Help You Regain Control Of Your Meal Planning will show you how you can master this task like a pro!


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Save Time, Money and Decrease Your Stress Level

What if I tell you this will also save you money, time and cut way back on your stress levels?  That sounds even better I bet.  But, just so you’re clear there will be some trade offs.

  • There will not be a need to stop at the fast food joint on your way home from work.
  • You will not be forced or compelled to go to the grocery store
  • You won’t be spending hundreds of extra dollars a month on your frequent trips to the grocery store.
  • You’ll not be stressed and feeling like a failure at the end of a long day when you were unable to get a nutritious meal on the table for your children.

If You’re OK With This, Then Let’s Continue

Get ready to bring your family back to the table for a meal together every single night. Your meal planning starts with an idea of the types of foods you want to serve. You need to know what you have on hand already and what meals you can make with it. Let’s plan those meals or at least have enough of the right ingredients ready at hand. How perfect to have these available when you need to pull together a healthy delicious meal for your family. The great thing about this method is you only buy and cook things your family loves. There are no set menus, you make what you want to make. So what do you need to do first when you are planning this new meal planning lifestyle? To make this easy for you, I have a cute little 3 page printable document that you can get by signing up on my email list. You can get it right now and use it today!

1. Inventory your kitchen including all food in your freezer, refrigerator and pantry.

Write down what you have already that you can use to make a meal. Get to know what you have in stock on a first name basis. Is it something that’s been there for a while and you’ll never use in a 100 years? Give it to a food pantry. Get rid of it because you obviously don’t need it but I bet someone else would be tickled pink to get it!

2. Make a list of meals you can make for one week using the items you have on hand already.

Depending on what you already have, this might be a small list, but you might just be surprised what you have already that can be used. What if you find that you have enough stock that you don’t have to spend your weekly grocery budget at all or very little? Think of what you can do with that extra moolah! Vacation fund, pay off a credit card, whatever you need! Woo Hoo! When you make you list don’t forget to include an entree, side dishes, salads and desserts if those are items your family usually has with meals.

3. On the third list, you’re going to create your grocery shopping list.

Compare your inventory to your menu list and any missing items will go on the grocery list. Already have ground beef and lettuce but burgers are on the list. Add buns, tomatoes, onions and whatever else you might need. You probably didn’t need me to tell you that, but you get the idea! {Don’t forget to sign up for my email list and get the free Meal Planning printable so you can be totally organized for a whole week of meals! It includes a place for your inventory, weekly meal plan and a grocery list.}

Benefits Of Using This Plan

  • It will bring your family closer when you share a meal every evening after a long day of work and school-THIS is the best part of the plan
  • You will save money-this might be a rival for the best part of the plan
  • You’ll rest easy knowing you are providing healthy meals for your family and therefore limiting the amount of fast food they’re consuming
  • You will finally be in control of your kitchen and meals instead of the other way around

Find Great Recipes Right Here

Like I said, I love to cook and I love blogging about my recipes even more. Mine are recipes for real people who don’t spend a fortune on their meals but to whom wholesome and healthy meals are a must. I try to use whole food ingredients for the most part but I don’t go crazy with it. If I need a can of Cream of Mushroom soup to make something I want to make, I use it although sparingly. Check out these Crockpot Potato Leek Soup and Boston Butt Pulled Pork Recipes that you can throw together in the morning before work and have it ready when you walk in the door.

To Recap  (plus some tips):

**Take an inventory of what you already have in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Make your list of the items you have that can be used in meals for the next week on the Inventory List you downloaded above. **Next, plan your menu based on the items you already have on hand and that your family will enjoy and actually eat. **Finally, make your grocery list including only the items you need to complete your meal plan for the week. You will find that having the meals planned in advance will help you to reduce your grocery budget. It really all boils down to knowing what you have, what your family will eat and having a plan to prepare the meals in advance. Another really great tip I have is if you are making a stew or soup, always make double what you can eat in one meal. Take half of it and freeze it for later. One week when you plan your meals that frozen meal can be added and guess what? It doesn’t cost you one cent extra and you have a healthy, delicious meal for your family! Do you have any tips or tricks that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment below. Melissa